More Wool on Sale! IBEX outlet

I’m always poking around online for good deals on wool clothing. You guys know the drill. Resists odor, keeps you warm when wet, etc.,

I pointed out some great deals on the SWOBO site last week. This week, take a gander at what IBEX has on sale in their outlet (this is the link for the men’s clothing….there is a women’s outlet too)!

Of particular interest are all the great deals on wool shirts. Though perhaps not designed specifically for riding in, there is no real reason why they wouldn’t work (a little cheaper than the cycling specific stuff…and you can wear them off the bike as well).

Take for example the Ridgeline Zip shirt that would make a great SS jersey for only $39.

Or these spiffy Frisko Zip S/S shirts that are sharp looking zippered polos. A great commuting shirt! Regular price was $115, sale price is $57.

Or these LS Striped Zip shirts that are reminiscent of the striped shirts on Riv, but about more than half the price at $44.

You get the idea. Anyone else have great links to good prices on wool?