Mini Review: Ortlieb Rack Pack

I ordered an Ortlieb Rack Pack about a week ago from and have been enjoying it the last few days. My typical set-up is to use two panniers and a Carradice Camper Longflap. The Carradice works great in terms of easily accessing things, but it’s not quite big enough for everything I need to carry on longer tours.

The Ortlieb has a 31L capacity, compared to the 24L of the Carradice. It’s big, but not so overly big that I would overpack too much. Here’s a photo of what I’m carrying inside.
-down sleeping bag
-tent poles
-REI sleeping pad
-Wetterlings Axe
-MSR water filter
-Esbit stove (backup/emergency stove)
-down jacket
-wool sweater
-stuff sack of clothes (2 wool skivies, 2 Swobo Bobby’s, LS wool shirt, wool leggings)

A majority of the stuff is not so much heavy as they are bulky. A lot of the denser gear is in my panniers. Riding around the last few days with the loaded bike, it didn’t maneuver as top heavy as I thought it would.

The whole thing is attached transverse across my rack and panniers with two bungees. The bungees can be used to also secure my folding tripod chair, drying clothes or extra food. This trip to Paso Robles will be a good test of this system for The Big Trip. Hopefully it all works out!