High Tea with a Trangia

I usually take a Trangia stove with me on my bike adventures. Works for me, might work for you too. It has its advantages and some cons. Mostly, I like it because it’s so darn small and there’s no moving parts to break. You basically fill it with fuel (denatured alcohol) and throw a match in the middle or light it with a lighter and that’s it!

Sure, it could burn longer and hotter and faster, but for me it works. It’s a quiet little stove and I sometimes carry two of them. Did I mention they’re pretty cheap too. You can get them for as low as $25 depending on what it comes with. There are more expensive models that come with the “storm cooker” set up that go up to $100+. There’s no proprietary stove canisters. As long as there’s a hardware store (denatured alcohol…usually in the paint thinner section) or automotive store (I’ve used some stuff called HEET with good luck) you’ll be able to fuel her up.

Rivendell sells a few versions of it, so check it out there (it’s under the bike camping section).