Epicurean Cyclist is Back!

Old West Scenic Bikewa

Hello faithful readers, it HAS been a long time. As many of you know, I sold everything I owned a few years ago to go on an open-ended bicycle tour and started PathLessPedaled.com with Laura. That was nearly four years if you can believe it! During that time, I tried periodically to update EC and PLP simultaneously, but as SteinbeckRobert Burns once said, “The best laid blog post schedules of mice and men….etc.,”

You get the picture.

I’ve neglected Epicurean Cyclist to gather internet dust, but still dutifully paid the domain name renewal emails as they popped up in my inbox year after year with the hopes of blogging on it once again. Friends, that time has come. I wanted to maintain EC because it was one of those early blogs in the bike blogosphere that wrote about tweed rides, overnight bicycle tours and wearing wool before the virtual Everyone Bikes Bike Blog Explosion occurred a few years ago. In my own small way, I hope I was able to contribute something during those early bike blogging years.

So what will you find on the “new” Epicurean Cyclist? Well, more of the same old goodness I’m afraid. A bit more sardonic humor than is allowed on PLP. Long rambling experiential reviews on bicycle, camping, photography, fly-fishing, and anything-I’m-interested-in gear. For some sites, this loosey-goosey approach to topics is a sign of inconsistency and a lack of certain moral conviction. But, as I have discovered over the years, readers of this site have a broad interest in subject matter and there is a lot of cross over. Someone who has heard of Rivendell will also probably know about Leicas and is also handy with a fly rod. See the connection : )

So hold on to your hats, set your browsers to Bookmark and don’t pay too close attention to site renovations as things get moved around and organized.